Nataliya's profile

Birth Date
11/19/1988 (Scorpio)
5' 7" (170 cm)
123 lbs (56 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
University degree
Marital Status
Never married
Speaking Skills*
Other languages
Vinnytsia, Ukraine
* The level of English
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Her Type of Man

I would like to find the person with good sense of humor, someone with whom we will have a jolly, good time! I need someone, who will think about everything in a positive way, even about something bad. In general, I am talking about an optimist! :) You see, I am a very quite person and I need someone cheerful and someone who will tell me only truth! Someone, who will never hurt and beat me… I need a man, who will support me in life, who will be the person to rely on. I want to be “behind the stone wall”. He has to be courageous and strong, both morally and physically. A leader in life and a loving husband at home.


I have an idea! Let me tell you what my close people have written about me in birthday postcards, I think it will tell you more about me, because it is difficult to talk about myself. “You are very bright and unusual. You differ a lot from all people, who are around you. You wear and look in a different way and you don’t try to act as all people. You are special.” “You are very stylish and it goes very well with you!” “You know what friendship is. You are really a wonderful friend, who can listen, who is absolutely kind. I think you are the kindest person I have ever seen.” “You are very dreamy, graceful, and bright, you have a little bit of charm, coquetry and easiness.” My mother has written to me “You are very pure and inspiring.” I want to add something from myself. I know that I am very sincere, kind and honest. With all my heart I want to find my love here...


I like dancing; I am fond of modern dancing and belly dance, which are the part of eastern dancing! Also, I like to look and dress on the top level; I like to look beautiful always and everywhere. I like beautiful bijouterie, everything that sparkles! I am very attracted to bright, beautiful, refined and unusual things… Also, I like to draw different models of dresses, and I am dreaming to finish design courses! I like to dream up and to create SOMETHING from nothing!